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"But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought." - George Orwell, 1984

Rightly said! The words that we use changes the entire perspective of what we think. Positive words bring in positivity and negative words brings a lot of negativity. We often ignore the power of words in our life. Words that we use, especially during self talk, makes a major difference in changing our entire perspective towards life. We need to become aware of them. We need to replace all the negative words from our thoughts and sub-consciousness with positive words to be happy.

Happiness through replacement of words that gives us pain

For instance, replace -
Absence with Presence
Accident with Recovery
Afraid with Bold
Anger with Compassion
Annoy with Please
Argue with Agree
Arrest with Set Free
Dead with Alive
Devil with Angel
Hatred with Love
Lack with Abundance
Lazy with Energetic
Refuse with Accept

If we go through our dictionary there are hardly 20-25 words that bring us pain or that are impediments to our happiness. The mere thought of a word generates unwellness, misery and unhappiness. Our endeavor here is to replace these words with their counterpart positive words and make a mental picture of them bringing joy to us.

Above we have given some of the words and their corresponding replacements and for these replacements to work, you have to energize them and form a mental picture. For example, the word accident always fills our mind with death, wound, screaming, despair and hurt. A mere word brings along with it so many other negative feelings which may spoil our moment and even the day. Such is the power of events in our lives. In this section, our vision is to carefully replace the words with their positive counterparts. When we think of accident we should train our mind to think that science has advanced. Only 26% of accidental cases end up with death, the rest are recovered. The mental image of good medical aid, good doctors, good diet and eventual full recovery should take the place of the earlier mental picture.

If we carefully write for ourselves the words that are the root cause of our unhappiness, we shall find that not more than 20-25 words are the most pain giving words. You can only imagine our happiness level if there are no bad words, that lead you to that half of the world of which you are afraid of or that causes you pain. Live with those words that bring you to a world which you like and desire.

Imagine the world will be a completely different world. Above are a few words that have been chosen and replaced for you. Take out your pen and diary, write more negative words that are of concern to you, form a mental image. Repeat the process so that whenever negative word arises, it will be automatically replaced by its positive counterparts.

For this to work you have to energize the words and make a mental picture of them. You have to engage and if you have other words that generate pain and negative feelings, please share it with the world community. If your personal experience or personal knowledge of replacing the word and cultivating the positive counterparts can be of help to the world community, you have made your contribution to the world.

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