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Women by nature are simple and are very realistic about what constitutes happiness. Most of us will agree that a woman’s central focus is her house, her family and her children. These are her minimum requirements for a good and happy life. Having a number of houses and wealth beyond what she can spend, are rarely a priority for her. Women can also be found engaged in activities that constitute good health such as yoga, meditation, exercises or healthy food. They abstain themselves and their family from things that damage health; it may be unhealthy drinks, unhealthy food, drugs or alcohol. Women, by their basic nature and by their genetic composition, as shown by several studies, are happier than men. This is because the constituents of ‘what makes women happy’, can all be defined in real terms such as house, good family or certain amount of bank balance as opposed to the psychology of men who are more unrealistic and virtual. If he has one house, he wants more and so on. A man’s focus on the ingredients of happiness, which we have discussed, is often not realistic. If our happiness determinants are relationships (50%), health (25%) and job, money and success (6%), it is seen that men are more oriented towards the later 6%. Women by default concentrate more on relationships and health and therefore are closer towards happiness. Women have been found to be happy by their basic nature, until and unless situations are turned so otherwise and these are mostly by her spouse. A woman as well said - tries, whines, complains; before she actually destructs, before the earthquake actually turns up. But once these stages are over and by the time most people realize, the destruction already happens that too being irreparable and irreversible. Its for all men to respond early and for all women to make it clear before destroying.

The Pew Global Attitudes Project, that surveyed 38,000 men and women across 44 Countries, shows that women are more satisfied with their lives as compared to men. Women tend to be happier because they focus on real things, day to day issues, relationships and children. While men focus on things which are imaginary. They often ignore reality and end up being unhappy when they forcefully have to face them.

According to a research conducted at University of South Florida, a gene known as Monoamine Oxidase A (MAOA), determines how the brain processes dopamine and serotonin, the chemicals responsible for making us happy. The gene is predominantly present among women. Another study by Benenden Health found that men are happier because of seven areas of life - salary, career prospects, body shape, appearance, finance, job, security and how they were perceived by others. Whereas women are more satisfied with the five areas namely love, family, sex life, health and living location. If we analyze the reasons of happiness for women, they are more real and achievable whereas that of men are more materialistic. This shows women have stronger foundation for the state of happiness as compared to men.

Beyond doubt both men and women give priorities to their children. Both of them without fail say that it is for children that they are doing this or that. Both should realize one thing that if children are their priority, the best gift that any parent can give their children is to love each other. Once they establish that they cannot love each other, they should stop fooling others and themselves. They should start accepting that they are selfish human being, wishing to meet a life for themselves and themselves and no one else.

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