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Happiness is our inherent nature. We all are born as happy individual. As we grow up we start losing our true nature. We need to realize that there are certain aspects of life which needs to be nurtured to remain happy. We need to practice these aspects in our life so that we can sow their seeds in our kids, so as to give better individuals to the world. These basic traits are -


Paying gratitude to the nature, divine, family, friends and everything that serves you in one way or the other keeps you connected to the source of your happiness.


Being compassionate to others is being kindful to them, regardless of the situation and the person. We necessarily may not have experienced their situation but we can behave positively and politely so as to initiate happiness.


Love moves the world. It is the basis of life and happiness. The more we create the space for love, the more will be our joy.


Things can not be the same always. If good times did not last, bad times will not last either. Be patient and enjoy while you wait for happy times to arrive.


Pay regards to the pioneers of your life- your parents, teachers and elders. They have taught you the lessons of life. Giving respect a priority in your life keeps you away from wrong doings.


Have faith in your existence, your present and your future, have faith in your fellow creatures and the nature, trust the process of life. You can leave all your worries and live happily today.


Truth is about being congruent to the core values of your life, if you manage to fool someone, you have cheated yourself only. Being true to your consciousness and to others will serve you in the long run.


We often do not tolerate others but expect them to do so. We do not realize that being tolerant to others is nothing but making ourselves more acceptable to them.


Empathy is putting oneself in other person’s position and trying to experience what they are going through. By doing so we reduce lots of misunderstandings and adjustment issues.


It is in giving that we receive. What we give comes back to us. If we will give happiness to others, they will feel contented in our company and will express the same to us.


Sharing your joy with others increases it to many folds. We ourselves cannot be happy for a long time if we do not share it with someone. We need to share, in order to celebrate.

Self Acceptance

The first step towards realizing your true self and be happy within is accepting what you are. Complete acceptance is in knowing your strengths as well as weaknesses, yet acknowledging the fact that you are PRECIOUS!


Being kind to others and to yourself is the key to Compassionate You! Much emphasis is placed on the random acts of kindness as a way to spread happiness and peace around.

In conversation with ‘You’

Above are some of the mental faculties which are the foundations of happiness. These seeds are the most talked about and are known; but the irony of the fact is that most of us have not energized or customized them to work for us. These seeds are of no value, unless and until you provide the congenial environment for them to sprout and grow. The congenial environment will only be created if after reading each one of them, you will close your eyes and do some self talk as to whether you have given them enough thought, energized them and made them work for you. For example, the first seed gratitude – have we paid gratitude for all the gifts that we posses? Before complaining about things that we lack, have we paid gratitude for things that we have? Each one of us has natures own blessings, have we paid gratitude to them? Are we concentrating on only what we lack or are we being happy for what we have? What if, that what we have taken for granted is not there? Will not our entire attention re-shift and refocus on what we have lost rather than what we already have?

Look for the answers within and share your thoughts with the world community. Let’s participate!

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