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When you encounter any disaster situation, it is important to keep yourself calm and composed to fight with the situation. Remember a few things if it happens to you:
1. First make yourself relaxed. It has not happened because of you and you alone cannot determine the solution to stop the disaster.
2. Make your life safe and secure, what is gone is gone but now what is left after disaster is more important.
3. You have to help your life and make your life secure.
4. Not a single person is responsible for the problem which you are facing.
5. Accept and face the problems rather than running away from them.
6. Remember that there is always a solution to every problem.
7. At the time of disaster, stay strong, because if you are strong then only you can help others and make their life secure.
8. At the time of natural disaster rescue team comes immediately and helps you.
9. Do not panic.
10. Once you have secured yourself help the other victims and support them.

There are certain things in life that happen for which we are not personally responsible. They are the natural disasters of floods, earthquakes, landslides, storms, epidemics, acid rains and so on; and man-made disasters as wars, famine, riots, communal and ethnic unrest. We have little or no control on them. The only way to keep ourselves composed and maintain our happiness level is to know and master the technique of reacting to them. The first response should be, ‘Since nature has made it, nature will cure it and since nature has made it, it could have been much worse than what it is’. We have to learn to pay gratitude for whatever is left, maybe for the fact that we are alive. Remaining composed in the time of crisis where everything seems to be governed by external forces, it is natural to feel weak and least empowered, but then there lies the solution. If we convince ourselves that it is we who are responsible for our own happiness, we shall feel grounded. We should not forget that the keys to our happiness lies within us. These are the times where we have to hold our keys close to our heart and never ever lose them. These are the times where we have to think not only of ourselves but of others who are most affected and as to what we can do for them. This will divert our mind from our being, from the feeling of being powerless to being powerful and capable. The happiness groups should be formed and should become active. All the members should know that we all can help each other. The power of group prayers, love and best wishes are the biggest of all powers. They should be taken up first and if possible everyone should engage in activities that help mitigate the miseries of others. By doing that we are engaging in positive activity and doing good to ourselves in return. Let’s engage, let’s participate!

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