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“Prayer is not asking, prayer is putting oneself in the hands of god, at his disposition, and listening to his voice in the depth of our heart.” - Mother Teresa

Prayers are the invitations for good things to come and advance in life. They are also the means to receive and remove things that are beyond our control. When we pray, we invoke the law of attraction. We thank the nature in advance for the things we so desire to have. When good things happen, it fills us with positivity and enthusiasm. It also reduces the chances of bad things to happen in our life and removes those which we fear from. The things which we fear from are not real - they are emotional and virtual. Prayer is the best way to starve the negative emotions and nurture the positive ones.

As an extended family, we believe in the power of prayers. Prayers have the power of healing and this power spreads at a speed much faster than we can ever think of. We shall pray for all our members.

Prayer is the best way to harness the law of attraction. Prayer only in a closed sense has got to do with religion. In the wider sense, all the prayers have some common elements. We all believe in a divine being which we call God, cosmic force or energy that governs the entire cosmos. During prayers we fill ourselves with positivity. We invoke the things of our desire and we thank the nature as though we have received it.

Prayers are very powerful and when done in a proper way, it is just like making the law of attraction work for you. It is always said that faith is very important for you. You must know what you want and you must believe that it must be given. Unfortunately for most of you, when the prayers do not work, the fault does not lie in the prayer but is in the method by which you are doing it. When you are praying you are clear with what you want. You feel that it has been given, so shall it be.

In our section praying for you, besides praying for ourselves, we believe in praying for you. The prayers are more powerful when conducted for someone else rather than self. Group prayers have got tremendous benefits and can transcend time and space. Within a fraction of seconds, prayers in one part of the world can heal people in other parts. We cannot be happy in isolation. For us to be happy, we have to make others feel happy. For those brothers and sisters, who are in need and for whom we physically may not be in a position to do anything, we can invoke the most powerful of all energies that is the power of group prayers. We shall be praying in group for any person or groups we know or those who are in need of help and we shall receive the same when we ourselves are in need of the same. Come let’s engage!

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