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Your body consists of around hundred trillion cells. These cells are answerable to no one other than you. You are the commander in chief of these cells. These cells are constantly working for you, you and only you. For them no one else exists, other than you. Everything in this universe only exists, if you exist. When you are happy your endorphins send a positive signal that affects all your cells – each and every one of them. As the commander in chief, you can simply energize them, invigorate them and fill them with enthusiasm, by paying gratitude to them. When you get up in the morning your entire body has worked for you the whole night - from repairing dead cells to digestion. Is this not an enough reason to pay gratitude for their work? Try to feel the immense surge of energy flowing inside you. The feelings of tiredness, fatigue and being worn out will become a thing of past.

In conversation with ‘You’

We ourselves are responsible for our own happiness. As a commander-in-chief if we are sending negative signals to the body in the form of anger, envy, self appreciation or contempt, the result that we get is an unhealthy mind. Happiness is nothing but a state of mind. The core of the people are not in tune with their own self. Deeply rooted within them are strong and negative feelings of guilt, anger, self denial, hatred, envy and jealousy for others in one form or the other. In our forgiveness section, we have discussed in detail the importance of forgiving everyone in the world, even if they must have caused the biggest harm to us ever possible. It is because of that harm and the resultant learning from it, that has made us what we are today. To achieve a total harmony with our own selves we have to accept our present, which is nothing but a result of the good or bad of the past. Therefore, in order to achieve complete self acceptance we have to own, be proud and pay gratitude to our past. Forgiveness therefore is the key to self acceptance. If we aren’t able to forgive, it is we who have imprisoned ourselves. The second section for total self acceptance that we have discussed in detail is the confession section which is the essence of self acceptance. It is very natural for every one of us to have made mistakes in life. It is our mistakes that have made us what we are today. Therefore for perfect harmony and self acceptance we have to own our mistakes that we might have done in the past. Confession section teaches exactly that. Once we have confessed our faults and mistakes, however grave they may be, we have weeded out or removed the reasons of our deep rooted sense of guilt and self contempt. This process automatically has an inbuilt method of sowing the seeds for total self acceptance.

Once we are in tune with our own selves, the intellectual or the higher self we automatically accept our present which paves the way of our future desired path of happiness. The future is nothing but the thoughts, actions and feelings that we have today and our today is nothing but the thoughts actions and feelings of the past. Therefore to strike the balance between what is and what we desire, we have to totally be in harmony and acceptance with ourselves.

It is important for all of us to start a self dialogue. Do we love ourselves? Are we in total harmony and a state of unconditional self acceptance? If we are not happy or if our thoughts and feelings are not as we desire, it automatically means that something is to be done. Let's participate and reach a stage where we are in total harmony with ourselves. That stage is a stage of bliss, permanent happiness. Let’s participate!

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