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Happiness Poll

Our happiness depends upon various factors, like health, habits, life routine and many more. We can make very simple changes in our daily routine to trigger our happiness. Let’s start -
1. Accept yourself
2. Attend to your relationships
3. Avoid persons, possessions or places that make you sad
4. Break the routine - Do something new
5. Call your old friend
6. Celebrate your existence
7. Celebrate today
8. Confess your wrongdoing
9. Congratulate yourself
10. Conserve your energy for more meaningful work
11. Contribute towards human life
12. Cultivate new habits
13. Cultivate the seeds of Happiness
14. Discuss for a solution on your problems
15. Do a random act of kindness
16. Do not hurry, happiness is a journey not the destination
17. Do not stress or over exert
18. Do something for the body
19. Do something for the mind
20. Do not take everything seriously – Ask yourself how does it matter?
21. Dream
22. Earn a hunger before you eat
23. Earn a smile on someone’s face
24. Eat your favourite dish
25. Express yourself
26. Feel Enthusiastic
27. Feel the warmth that you are healthy
28. Find your passion
29. Forgive someone
30. Gift something to someone
31. Give and receive compliments
32. Give quality time for sleep and food in your routine
33. Give time to yourself
34. Go for a routine health check up
35. Go for a spa
36. Go to a gym
37. If you love someone tell them
38. Invite your thoughts/worries, accept them
39. Laugh more - Don’t be miser in laughing
40. Listen to your favourite music
41. Live in the present
42. Look at the sky - See yourself as a part of the whole
43. Make new friends
44. Opt an activity when you feel sad
45. Pamper your senses
46. Pay gratitude
47. Play a game
48. Postpone worries
49. Prioritize life
50. Reconnect with a lost friend
51. Reduce your screen time
52. Respect your thoughts
53. Reward yourself
54. Say thanks
55. See a photograph of your childhood or a pleasant memory
56. Share someone’s problem
57. Share your achievements
58. Smile
59. Socialize with people
60. Something that troubles you did not exist and will not exist. Have patience!
61. Spend more time with the nature
62. Spend time with your children and family
63. Stop criticizing yourself
64. Stop thinking, Start acting - Take the first step today
65. Sympathise with a person who is hurting you, he is more hurt inside
66. Take a break, go on a holiday, travel
67. Take rest and adequate sleep
68. Tell story to your kids
69. Think about the best moments of your life
70. Wear a new attire of your choice
71. Wear the most soothing texture
72. Wear your favourite perfume

In conversation with ‘You’

In our different sections, we have discussed in details, about how to be in total acceptance with the present, how to cultivate good habits, healthy food habits, exercise, yoga, meditation etc. It's now time to put them into practice. Above are some of the thought patterns which will act as triggers to your happiness. We have carefully designed them keeping you in mind, but they are useless, until and unless you start practicing them for yourself. And for practicing them for yourself and making them work for you, you have to energize them - that is close your eyes and feel as to what each of the triggers of happiness can do for you. Having tried the above, you can prioritize them as to what works best for you. You can write them down and make further additions, as to what makes you happy. After all its yours happiness that you are talking about. The only way to get the best use of them is to energize them and make them work for you. Happiness always increases by sharing and giving. If you have any experience, story, events that have made you happy, share it with the world community. You will realize that your happiness multiplies at an outstanding pace.

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