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A house represents the structure of walls made of bricks but home represents people who live in it as a family. The house is built up with all the materialistic things like sand, bricks or cement while homes are built up with love, peace, emotions and trust of the people living in it. A house made up with all the luxuries and comfort, is not necessary. The most important thing is to make these houses a happy place to live in. Developing positive atmosphere, living in unity, making relationships stronger and understanding among family members converts a house into a home. The house is just a building or apartment, people who live in it make it a home, with oneness and mutual understanding. They spend their good and bad moments, all joys and sorrows at home. Every person is emotionally and strongly attached to their home. Homes are the residence where happy and peaceful memories are made. Therefore, it is important to convert house to home.

Having a house to live in is probably one of the most desired goals and the choices, people have. People are busy in owning a house. Once they have one house their focus shifts to second. The focus shifts to a better locality, bigger house and so on. The entire life is spent in the search of a house without knowing the reason of that search. When asked, virtually everyone will respond instantaneously, almost without thinking that their search for a house is for happiness.

Happiness does not lie on how big the house is or the locality is, it lies on the belongingness, love and affinity of the people living in it. There is where the paradox lies. People are incessantly searching for a house and in the process neglecting the family who has to live in it. Once this intricate relationship is understood, every house and without any further investment or modification, be converted into a home. None of the people will agree that they are in search of four walls but they do exactly that. Each one of us can convert our house into a home and make our life so much so better, only and only if we can increase love among its inhabitants. That is what we neglect and keep searching for a house, in search for a home.

The moment we realize this, our search ends. Let's ask ourselves that are we happy, are we giving importance to the house or people living in it? Do we want to keep searching the whole life bigger or more house, better locality or focus on the people living in it. Do we want to live in a house or do we want to live in a home? What are we giving importance to - house or home? Is there anything that I can do immediately to stop the search and reach the final destination? Do I want to spend my entire life searching or reach the final destination? Have I neglected my family for whom I have been searching house, years together? Does it cost me to infuse love into the family? These are some of the questions that one should pose to himself and try his or her level best to convert his or her house into a home. It is at home that happiness lies. Let participate!

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