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Happiness Games Virtual games have surpassed all the other methods of learning. Stories and pictures are slowly replaced by virtual games which use visual and aural inputs. It engages almost all the senses of the player which is its power.

Games can increase sharpness, promote psycho-motor skills; improve language and goal setting ability among children. However, games have been misused and designed in a manner that promotes destruction. This has increased the incidences of violence amongst the younger generation, which we do come across on day to day basis. More work should be done on developing games that promote the seeds of Happiness as gratitude, love, kindness, empathy, compassion and respect. At present most of the virtual games are based on violence and gunning which is being learned by the children unconsciously. As a result the children are more aggressive and violent these days.

On a positive note, these incidences and leanings can be changed. If we can develop games promoting or teaching violence and gunning, we can also do the reverse.

Our globe is very rich with the themes on which future games can be developed. For instance games can be made based on "Panchatantra"; a compilation of stories found in Indian literature which emphasizes on moral teachings. There are many more such compilations throughout the Globe. We wish to create a world repository on such stories or teachings that can be used as a basis for creating meaningful virtual games. We invite you all to contribute, engage, share and be benefited by this cross cultural exchanges.

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