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Forgiveness is essentially setting oneself free from the rage and anger. It is a process that directs towards personal freedom and building positive relationships with your ‘so called’ enemies. Forgiving someone who has hurt you is difficult. It is normal to feel angry and upset when you are hurt, but to get over that anger, it is important for you to move on and take a step ahead to forgive that person. One should realize how important it is to decide this very step. Now the question that arises is how to take this step forward. It begins with accepting the flaws. Next is the process of exchanging shoes. We should seek to understand the other person’s viewpoint. This clears off a lot of air. The final step is adopting positive thoughts of love and care for everyone, even for those who do not love you. Relieving all the negative thoughts for the other person and filling yourself with positive vibes is forgiveness in its true sense. Many people find it hardest to forgive themselves than forgiving others. They indulge themselves in the blame game and attract a lot of negativity. All that is needed is a shift of the thought process from blaming to repair. If that does not work, seeking forgiveness through God is one of the best ways. Confess it and let it go.

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Forgiveness is the key to self acceptance and self acceptance in the key to success. Such is the importance of the concept of forgiveness for achieving happiness.

Each and everyone of us must have come across people, circumstances, places or things that must have caused us pain is one form or the other. It is also natural to have annoyance and negative feelings towards those people, circumstances, places or things. We must understand that our present feelings are the cumulative result of our past experiences and deeds. If we are not able to forgive, we won’t be able to accept our present and until we won’t accept our present, we won’t be able to pave our future. We have to train our self, teach our self that whatever happened in the past was the result of the circumstances which cannot be mended today. All that is left is to totally accept them and for totally accepting them we have to forgive every person or event or circumstance that might have caused us injuries. When we forgive we set ourselves free and when we still hold the grudge and negative feelings, it's like jailing our own selves.

Once we have forgiven we are in total harmony with the present, which automatically leads to total self acceptance. Once there is total self acceptance, we are filled with positive thoughts and feelings. Once we are filled with positive thoughts and feelings, with the desires of good harmonious relationships, success, money, job and whatever pleases us; we attract exactly those. Our life changes, we become magnets to our desires. Unfortunately when we don’t know this trick, we often and usually are in that part of the whole of thoughts and feelings, which we don’t like and that is what we attract. Once we know the power of forgiveness, we make a paradigm shift.

Let us pose ourselves the following questions - Has someone caused you hurt? Can you name them? What were the reasons that they hurt you? Were you responsible for their actions? Are the very memory of the thoughts hurting? So the thoughts of being hurt still disturb you? Do you want to get rid of them? What can you do to get rid of them? Do you love yourself? Are you in perfect harmony with your present? What is your present? Is your present a result of your past? What do you want in future? What is future? Isn’t future your present day? Isn’t your present day a summation of your past?

These are some of the questions that we should pose to ourselves and give some time to self talk, practice some meditation and calming down techniques, the moment we are able to forgive and a state of total acceptance of the present is achieved, we automatically make the paradigm shift from being a victim of the past to laying a foundation for future.

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