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In the modern world, as the nuclear families are growing or even disappearing, people are increasingly becoming insecure. The first emphasis should be on building and maintaining families but it might not be possible all the time. The only option we are left with is building our self. Even a relation begins with us. Emotional security is something that lies deep inside ourselves, the basis of which is the strength of the mind. This strength can be improved by self acceptance and regular practice of spending time with oneself through meditation or yoga and pranayama. We have to know that our external world is nothing but a manifestation of our internal world. The external world does not have a character of its own, neither good or bad; it is how we make it. We can control how we perceive things but for that we need to establish our mind in the self.

This section aims to remove emotional insecurities of the participants. We believe that all the emotional insecurities can be removed just by one step - sharing. Participants can choose a happiness group according to their country or city. The happiness group will conduct activities for meeting regularly and celebrating life that will act as emotional support system. We believe that the best way to overcome an emotional insecurity is to help someone else to overcome it. Therefore, we as a group are determined to remove all emotional insecurities and make the world more resilient, emotionally secure and a better place to live in.

In spite of all the achievements that we are all making every day, in spite of science and technology developing by leaps and bounds, in spite of al the economic developments; the modern world is pissed with one of the biggest challenges - the challenge of being emotionally insecure. In spite of having everything, almost all the time, we are terrorizing ourselves for our fate, just because we are emotionally insecure. If we go to the root of the problem, we will find that all of us are only bothered of ourselves. We want happiness, security, prosperity, peace, and good times for ourselves and so on. None of us realize that happiness works the reverse way. In order to achieve happiness, we have to give happiness. The irony of the fact is that we have stopped giving, we are starving ourselves.

In our section of ‘Lets Associate’ (for individuals), we have a vision to form close groups of your association. These groups will be catering to each other’s needs. Each member of the group will constantly ‘give’ happiness to the other member. This happiness may be in the form of celebrating a moment of joy that each member accomplishes or even it may be in the form of emotional support, in the times of emotional needs and crisis.

The biggest security that one can ever think of or needs, is not the economic security. Unfortunately, most of the organizations throughout the globe are working in the form of insurance. We have a vision to change this paradigm. We want that each member of our happiness groups, that you form, has insurance of one thing - unconditional love. Most of us will agree that in the times of crisis it is not exactly the money that can solve the problem. Yes, money can be one of the several factors. The most important factor though, is emotional security. Every member of the happiness group, that you have formed, will unconditionally reach the person who faces the needs. Even though the need may not arise throughout one’s life, but by the mere presence and mere confidence that a group of people will come to me at one call, will provide the insurance that no other insurance of the world can ever provide.

For being emotionally secure, the first step is to make someone else secure. Start today, at least provide emotional security to one person you know. Gradually move to forming a group. This group can take up any social cause, any activity if so deemed. The activity may be as small as visiting someone in the colony who is sick or arranging group prayers for them or paying gratitude to a person who has served a cause of taking up actual event itself.

It is not the quantum of the work that is important. It is not the amount of money that is spent is important. It is the gesture that is important. Once we begin making our closed group emotionally secure, the group automatically responds back. It is will repay you in multiplied terms. Believe me that the security that you once provide will be there for your entire life. All you have to do is to sow the seed. Today let’s make someone emotionally secure, lets form a group, lets sow the seed by providing emotional security to others, lets create emotional security for ourselves.

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