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“To err is human, to forgive divine.” As the famous proverb says, each of us possesses our own share of committing mistakes. It is a normal human tendency. None of us is fault free. The good news is we all get a chance to correct them. Realizing that a mistake has happened and the desire to correct it is the first step towards repenting.

Although there are many ways through which one can correct mistakes, confession yet remains the best. Confession means admitting mistakes. In a broader perspective, confession is not only accepting mistakes but it also means expressing feelings or emotions. It enables us to get rid of the negativity thus lightens our emotional burden.
Self-acceptance is necessary before committing confession. To accept that the mistake has happened and realizing that it can be corrected or atleast confessed lays the foundation. Determine the best way how ‘you’ want to confess and do it. It could be anything like writing down your guilty feelings; talking to the person you have hurt, sharing it with your best friend or family member or even with the father in the church. If none of these suits you, talk to your higher self or to the supreme power, if you believe so. It will help you to overcome fear, builds self-confidence and remove guilt. It can possibly restore relationship and make them stronger. In the end it will leave you with the feeling of contentment and happiness.

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