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Cartoons are an integral part of children's entertainment and learning. Often parents face the problem of too much enthusiasm and viewership among children. Ironically, they are happy on the other hand, as children are engrossed in cartoons and let them be free. The challenge here is many folds now. We cannot take away cartoons from kids but we need to engage children in viewing cartoons that foster the seeds of happiness.
Our intention here is to invite and engage parents and children from different parts of the world to contribute to our cartoon section by providing their ideas, stories and morals on how these cartoons should be.
Come let's conre prevalent in every nook and corner of the world and are promoting happiness. These cartoons can provide a strong foundation, based on which, future cartoons can be made. The present cartoons can be made emotionally more enriching for the child paving the way for the society towards happiness. Towards this end we invite the parents and children to contribute individual cartoons of their countries so that we can prepare a world repository. The cartoon giants are also invited to gain from the repository and make cartoons in the future, which are beneficial both for their respective organizations and for the children for whom they are made. Come share your cartoon story!

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