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Tips For Anger Management

by Vivek Singh

Anger is a very Strong natural human emotion. It should be handled properly as it may cause many harmful diseases. Anger should be controlled otherwise it may lead to self-harm, arguments, physical fights and so on. Usually short-tempered people get angry quickly. Therefore, one should be aware about the cause which gives rise to anger. Frustration, aggressions are the causes which lead to anger. To overcome anger one should first be aware about the tips to manage anger. Anger management strategies include the ways to manage anger.
1. Learn to calm down your anger by yourself. Relax your mind, give yourself some space and sit silently for some time. Express your frustrations to yourself without hurting others.
2. Take some deep breaths. Deep, slow breathing helps to release stress and aggression.
3. Practice meditation and exercises. Mindful meditation is effective in calming your mind and release anger.
4. Do some physical exercises or other works which you like to do usually. It will help to drive your mind from anger.
5. Build up positive thoughts in your mind and release all the negative ones.
6. Finding humour in your anger will help to create positive thoughts and help you to deal with your anger calmly.
7. Communicate with your family or friends which will help you out to drive away your anger. Talk to them to whom you trust and who supports you. Express your emotions to them.
8. Memorise your best time you have spent before, remember all the happy and good memories happened in your life, it will help to bring smile on your face by remembering such incidences.
9. Enough of sleep is essential for mind rest as they rebuilt damaged cells and neutral pathways as lack of sleep can lead to frustration and irritation.
10. Learn from your experience to calm down your anger. Find out the sources of your frustration and anger.

Anger is not just a mental state of mind. When we are angry the body releases stress hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenalin. It increases heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and breathing rate increase. Regular anger can eventually make people ill. Anger is really harmful for mental and physical health both. So everyone should be aware to cope up with the anger. Anger keeps you away from happiness If you want real happiness calm your mind and then take the decision.

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