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Love Brings Happiness

by Dr. Reva Mishra

Being in Love and being happy. Don't they sound synonymous to you ? If not according to Oxford word meaning , but they do share their roots of origin in essence . They are like twins. You can't stop smiling unconsciously, when even a stranger is talking their love story. That is the magic of Love. That anxious feeling of skipping a heartbeat. The peace that your heart and soul rests into when you just think about it. When you imagine about somebody; while getting up from your cozy bed and warm quilt on a winter morn ; when you watch silently , the rain drops clatter across the window pane ; or the romantic song that takes you down the memory lane of ecstasy . Love, is a feeling of contentment. A sheer satisfaction of wanting nothing else in the world. Your dreams, your career, the luxuries loose their place . It is a trans state where you are completely incomplete and incompletely complete at same time . The axis around which you life revolves .. Evolves . A single love virus has a very strong effect . The carrier is a potent and infectious source of happiness . The spring in walk , the chirp in talk , the sparkle in eyes and being extraordinary nice are the symptoms . You cannot seprate love and happiness from each other . They say a person needs just 3 things to be truly happy in this world : Someone to love , something to do , and something to hope for . And definitely in this very order .

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