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Law of Attraction

by Vivek Singh

Many a times you might have heard about Law of Attraction. But have you ever thought what it is about?? Law of attraction simply means invoking or attracting something that your thinking off. For example, if you are very afraid that something might happen to you and you begin to visualize that it might happen or how it might happen, this terrifies you and it closes you into a phobia and a state of fear. What you are doing is invoking it to happen, because the power of the mind and visualization is very great. If you are afraid that you might be robbed, or of meeting with an accident, or of losing, you are invoking the robbery, the accident and the loss. Fear of rejection produces rejection. The law of attraction is a thought, belief or the state of mind that whatever you think will come back to you. Our thoughts only attract happiness, if our thoughts are positive we will attract positivity. If we will think that we are happy then people around us will feel that happiness within us. If you give smile you will receive love if you do good services or “karma” the same you will receive in return. Universe doesn’t take up negativities. Consider an example-suppose a student is thinking that he should not fail in the examination, then it may happen that he/she will fail because he/she was attracting the wrong law. When you say-“ I should not fail” , Universe will take it as-“I should fail”, ” not” is surpassed. Thus unknowingly you attract negative vibrations. Thus, in this manner if you give positive vibration to this nature or planet definitely you will receive positivity from this universal rule of giving. Law of Attraction can be helpful in serving the society by attracting happiness, positivity around us. In human mind 60,000 thoughts arises every day, suppose you catch up one positive thought and think about that it, it will convert into ideas and one idea converted into action will definitely generate blossoms. This is a relationship between giving and receiving. Thought=>Idea; thus, Idea + Action + Implementation = Creativity. From this we can receive whatever we want in our life. Law of attraction introduces whatever you can think it exist and whatever exists it can be think from this positivity of thought always create a positive environment. Negativism will always attract negativity near by you because your thought process is negative. So recognize yourself, you have the capacity, the ability to achieve all that you have desired. And through this concept you can also serve the mankind.

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