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The goals are the desire to achieve something in life. Every person in the world needs to set goals to know the purpose and direction of their routine life. Goal setting creates happiness as it visualizes your ideal future. For goal setting two things are essential - first what you want from your life and the other is the ways to attain them.

1. Choose a specific goal - You should be particular about selecting your goal. Take time to relax and realize what you actually desire for. Once decided you should be able to clearly define or identify a selected goal.
2. Make a plan - Proper planning is necessary for goal accomplishment. Put up best efforts to achieve your desires. You can take advice from a friend, relative or even a professional in preparing strategies to reach goals.
3. Focus on Goal - Concentrate on your goal, prepare your mind and work hard with complete dedication to achieve your desired goal.
4. Develop Abilities - Setting goals for your life will enhance your personality. It helps to develop and explore your abilities and skills.
5. Challenges to attain goals - Never underestimate yourself. Build up positive thought and eliminate negative ones. Learning from failure is a step to success.
6. Celebrate goal accomplishment - Appreciate yourself by celebrating for your achievements. This will motivate you for future achievements. Do not forget to show gratitude to the person who helped to achieve goals.

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