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Our website is a knowledge based web portal in which we are rendering free as well as paid services to our users. Our main aim is to teach the people the importance of Giving and engage everyone in the art of Giving. Our main aim is to create awareness towards happiness and achieve global peace as a result. Our endeavour aims to involve everyone around the globe, in achieving the ultimate goal of human existence, through our various visionary projects Our paid section(Customized Happiness in main menu) consists of services which we will be providing to our user after some payment. These services will include tips and tricks,audio,video to attain happiness in their lives. Write now we include only four section named as-
1. How to be the best loved boy.
2. How to be the best loved girl.
3. How to be the best man.
4. How to be the best women.
These sections include tips regarding individuals.
The above section will cost Rs 120 each when purchased individually. We will also provide subscription of all the sections for 550 for 3 months and 1500 for 1 yr. After this subscription period is over, the user have to renew the subscription period accordingly.

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