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The era of technology has something or the other to offer to each one of us, for almost everything, even happiness! The means that aids to achieve happiness is our body and we can enjoy it through our body only. The various ways by which technology serves our body are:

Happiness Hormones

Physiologically, it has been proved that happiness has its own hormones - endorphin and serotonin. Serotonin is technically a neurotransmitter which is often used in terms with endorphin as happy hormone. Any imbalance in the levels of serotonin leads to generation of negative thoughts. Endorphin is released as a response to pain or stress. These hormones in relation to happiness can be understood at two distinct levels - body and the mind. The different processes that occur at these two levels help to trigger happy hormones. The few things that determine the release of happy hormones at physical level are exercise, sound sleep, kissing, hug, healthy food, chocolates and certain drugs. In essence, if you are healthy and active, you tend to remain happier. The mind also has the power to trigger the release of happy hormones. These hormones can be regulated by adopting a positive thought. Positive thoughts lead to the feeling of joy thus maintaining the levels of these hormones.

Psycho-Cybernetics and Happiness

Psycho- Cybernetics is the concept given by Dr. Maxwell Maltz (1960). Unlike many theories, which tells us about happiness, this one takes us to a logical journey.Dr. Maltz considers brain as a computer, our thoughts and beliefs as inputs and our expressions as output. He says that what we feed to our mind is expressed after a series of processing. In essence the entire concept revolves around happiness as a state of mind. The way how we think and what we think eventually becomes our belief. This belief than becomes our habit. A large part of these habits determine the ability to be and remain happy. Healthy habit patterns contribute towards happiness while unhealthy patterns towards grief. The good news is that these habit patterns can be altered and it entirely depends on us to do so. Negative thoughts and behaviors can be removed by becoming aware about them. One needs to practice positive behaviors on daily basis to get rid of negative thought process, thus making it a habit.

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