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The various principles that might help you to travel the way towards happiness are:

1. Take Possession of Your Own Happiness

Our happiness depends upon us as to how positively we take things and how we respond to different perspective of life. If we choose to be happy in Life, we are happy. Have confidence in yourself because Happiness is a state of mind which can be controlled within.

2. Give time for Solitude

Talk to yourself in peace and think what you want to achieve in life. Whatever the mind can think; it can achieve. Every failure is a step ahead towards achieving it. It is important to listen yourself. Keep your mind engaged with what you want to achieve in your life- money, success, position, prestige, etc.

3. Pamper yourself

Enjoy taking bath; sleeping, listening music; enjoying a meal, going to a beautician etc. Do all the things which makes you happy. Think for your own happiness by pampering yourself. Do not neglect yourself as you are important for your happiness.

4. Happiness through giving

We can attain happiness by giving , helping and sharing our things with other which ultimately results in happiness. It is in giving that we receive from the nature. Giving someone a warm smile, greeting someone nicely, good body language, a compliment which makes the other person happy. Your company will be liked by the other person and we are assured to get more than we expect in life. To be happy is to make others happy.

5. Failures are the steps to Success

Failure is the motive to attain success. Success cannot be achieved without considering failures in life. Since we only know the end of the game i.e. success and not the means. Every step we take further is a trial and error towards the final goal. We should take small steps which can build a temple of success..

6. Practice Empathy

Empathy is the ability to share and understand the feeling of others. When we start seeing ourselves in others place it shall result in having no enemies and our mission will become easier to achieve. All the conflicts arising shall result in love ultimately.

7. Self Discipline and Management

Researches show that self disciplined people have better self control on food, body care, habits promoting health, dietary habits etc. Self disciplined people are more contended, patient, calm and composed. They also tend to master the art of immunizing themselves from external circumstances that affect their positivity. It helps in reducing body weight, maintaining body through exercises, better mind through meditation, better relationships through love, quitting smoking and drinking, formation of good habits etc. Happiness is to know oneself, accept oneself and know the art of how to manage oneself.

8. Praise yourself

Learn to appreciate yourself; count all the positive qualities you have developed. Be grateful to God and thank him with enthusiasm and love for showering happiness on us.

9. Refrain yourself from negative strokes

Keep yourself surrounded with positive people and positive surroundings in life. Refrain yourself away from all the negative surroundings in life.

10. Live in today

It is rightly said that yesterday exists no more, tomorrow is future and what exist is today. Do not worry about your future and do not think about past just live in present because we do not know what our future holds and we cannot change our past so the only thing we can do is to enjoy our present.

11. Pray with Gratitude

Give gratitude for all the things we have achieved and which gives us happiness. Make full use of what we have before asking more. The importance of what we have can be appreciated they are taken away. Thanks to the almighty who has given a lovely life, a beautiful sunrise, water to drink and air to breathe.

12. Learn from adversity

Adversities are part and parcel of life. We should learn from it and move ahead. It makes us realise our mistakes, which ultimately helps in succeeding in future. Good lessons from adversities help us politely to avoid them.

13. Take out time to be with Nature

Spend some time with nature to feel, see, hear, touch and realize it is worthwhile. Thank to the deity that he has created us who is governing with its warmth, its light, its air, its water. We cannot survive without nature nor can we control it. Let the almighty do his job and let us be relaxed that someone more powerful is taking care of us.

14. Be flexible

Be flexible as water when we fall on the ground by any problems we change and adapt ourselves. We should not be like a glass which breaks into the pieces when it falls. Life is about facing the problems and not wishing them away. Children are more flexible as and when they grow. They become more and stiffer with the growing age and till the time we are at death bed we are the stiffest person. Make life flexible learn to be happy in each and every situation. A famous sage said nothing in my life is permanent except my own happiness. We will not be able to sustain if we are stiff and rigid.

15. Do one thing at a time

Learn to do one thing at a time. Assume that no other work exists until the job at hand is not complete. This way we will unburden ourselves of the worry of doing too many jobs and concentrate on the present one with outmost perfection. Completion of a job taken to its outmost perfection is one step forward towards the final goal and removing hurdles.

16. Do small things in Great way

Do all the small things in your life which makes you happy. Celebrate life each and every moment to the fullest. Outperform yourself each time by a better way.

17. Invite and solve all your worries

Worries are our friends they are not our enemies. Worries are nothing but are incompleted task .We should sit quietly and politely invite our worries. Each worry will be reminding us to accomplish or to complete a task that we have left uncompleted. Once we address all our worries they would never come back to us.

18. Know the basic knowledge of Positive and Negative forces

Devta and Danav are the positive and negative forces in our life. Devta is the positive energy which possesses our mind and all the miseries take place due to the negative force and influence our mind.

19. Don't postpone, do it now

Think, plan and don't procrastinate. Act now. Take the first step which may be as insignificant as to take the resolution to do things or as significant as to do the thing itself. Do all your work now and live in the present. Do not delay your work for tomorrow as every day in our life is today.

20. Believe in yourself

Always have confidence in yourself. Do not bother about what people are talking about you. Have faith in yourself and wear a smile on your face.

In conversation with ‘You’

Above are some of the principles on how to lead a happy life. These and many other sayings, preachings and textual knowledge will apply to the person reading, only when he or she feels for himself or herself the principles. No amount of knowledge and preachings on happiness can make you happy until and unless you feel it for yourself. The best principles are the ones which are best felt in the minds of those who have written it for the same magic for you to happen. You have to feel it though. There lies the key. It will be a wonderful experience if one can read each of the above principles, close his or her eyes and feel how those principles can work for him or her. By doing so, he or she will customize the principles according to his or her specific self. Each one of us is unique and completely different individuals. So to apply the general principles, we have to customize them in our own specific individual ways. When we do this wonderful self exercise of reading one principle, closing our eyes and customizing them, we will energize and enliven these principles to work for us. We may even discover certain principles which are not mentioned above because above are the principles felt and experienced by someone else. We can in the process discover, through personal experiences, something which may be very unique and new to the entire world. Such is the power of our creative imagination. We should share our experiences, our knowledge with others to give and receive benefits. Lets engage!

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