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Understanding life is crucial in achieving happiness. There are different views regarding life leading us in different directions. Life is often compared with rivers by many philosophers since ages. River as a source does not get affected; whether you quench your thirst or drown yourself in it. It is up to you how you utilize your source. Similarly, what you gain out of your life – happiness, joy, sorrow, anger or resentment largely depends on how you have lived it. If you have sown the seeds of happiness that is the only outcome you should expect and will receive. Along these thoughts, if you visualize life in the wider canvas, you will realize that what you are today is the work of millions of years of evolution. You were not what you are now and you would not be what you are now. You are constantly changing like the twists and turns in the river, leading yourself towards ultimate destination, happiness.

In conversation with ‘You’

We are all born eternally happy, in fact the entire creation emanates from the act of happiness. If there was no happiness, there will not be any living human being. The entire human race will come to stand-still and extinguish if there is no happiness. Happiness is the life force which keeps entire world in order.

Since we are born eternally happy all that we need to do, to be happy, is to learn to be our own selves. We have to take the responsibility of the state of happiness we are in. For we are as happy or as unhappy as we have through our thoughts in the past, chosen to be. There lies the seed, the opportunity, the hope. If we are as happy as we have chosen ourselves to be, we can also be as happy in the future as we choose to be. Follow this simple three step procedure -

  1. Take responsibility, take possession of whatever is the state of your present level of happiness, own it, pay gratitude to it. If you are unhappy, your own faults are showing you the way to be happy. Pay gratitude to your own thoughts. If you are less happy that is also fine. Pay gratitude to good thoughts that at least brought you back in balance. Starve the bad thoughts. If you are happy, pay gratitude to thoughts, energize them further, cultivate new thoughts. Starve and eliminate the thoughts that do not make you happier.

  2. Make a picture of what makes you happy - good relationships, success and so on. Go on coloring the thoughts. Let the thoughts enliven. The thought of a house, for example has to be so clear and so vivid that the place, locality, the color, the grasses, all have to have a clear mental picture. Spend rest of the life only in that part of the world which you desire. Never even go, dwell or think of anything that you don’t like or that makes you unhappy. When you enliven your thoughts on what makes you happy, you automatically become magnets to the thoughts that you desire. Whatever we see around us is born twice. Once at the thought level and second at the physical level. If we have started thinking, the physical level is but an exact manifestation of our thoughts. That is why it is again and again said, we are as happy as we ourselves choose to be. There is enough abundance or enough of everything in the world that can make us happy, but how happy we want to be is a choice which we all have to make ourselves. The fuel to the choice are the thoughts and the feelings.

  3. Live in happiness by believing that whatever you have thought, you are starting to receive. The magnitude and intensity of receiving will be in direct proportion to our intensity of thought. It will be different for different people and it should not bother you. You will attract exactly what is good and in a proportion that is best suited to you.

Let's close our eyes and make a mental picture of what constitutes for our being to be the most happy creature on earth. Since everyone’s picture will be so unique to him or herself, each has to make their own picture. No one can do that for you. Participate, draw your own road map to happiness. It is your journey. At most the road may be shown, a guidance be given, ways be told, but you have to take the journey.

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