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"Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence."- Aristotle
The concept of happiness is this simple. What we are striving for lies in ourselves. It starts from us and ends at us. Happiness is essentially getting back to our true nature. We are nothing but a pure and divine speck of cosmic energy. Once we realize this, we will know the ultimate purpose of life and as Dalai Lama said, “The purpose of our life is to be Happy.”

Happiness is a state of mind. It is a pleasant emotion made of love, inner peace, joy, contentment and fulfillment. How happy can we be, depends on how we choose to act and think. It is an art that can be cultivated by focusing on small things in life which are often ignored, but carry a lot of meaning. We all strive and spend our entire lives for achieving success, money, career and wealth in order to achieve happiness. We keep on striving without awarding the seeds of happiness - health, relationships, peace of mind, gratitude, kindness, love, faith and so forth. We need to be aware, we need to choose happiness!

In conversation with ‘You’

Happiness is a choice. We are as happy as we want to be. The irony of the fact is that we do not know the simple procedure. We postpone our happiness to conditions like “I will be happy when…..”. All of us, for whom happiness is conditional to external circumstances, are doing nothing but postponing our happiness. The only difference between a happy person and an unhappy person is that a happy person is happy for what he is and an unhappy person is unhappy for what he wants to be. The illusion or “Maya” of happiness is that once everything I have what I want, I will be happy. The reality is that once I am happy, I will have everything.

There within lies the trick. We all postpone our happiness on external circumstances like jobs, finance, material riches and so on. Whereas the reality is, if we are happy we automatically become magnets to what we want.When we postpone our happiness it is like living in the semicircle of what we don’t have. Once we are living in the part of the life that we don’t like, we start attracting those very things. All the human beings are like transmitters of thoughts and feelings and they attract only what they emit. We have to make a paradigm shift to that part of the semicircle which we like. Once we start emitting what we like, we will get exactly that. It is very wisely said that life is like a pendulum on one side of which is ‘receive’ and the other side is ‘give’. We receive exactly what we give. In almost all countries common people say as you sow so shall you reap. Scientists call it cause and effect. Modern day positive writers say it law of attraction. The essence is what you give, is what you receive. In the context of modern day living we all desire happiness, but this desire is only one sided happiness to flow our way. Nature has not allowed this. Law of nature is so precise that an apple can never go in the opposite direction. The law of gravity will take it down. People will understand this tough law because this has been discovered, read and talked but this simpler law of getting what you give has been talked, researched and practiced. We have to give in order to receive happiness. Happy people have learned the art of giving and that makes them receive more and that is the reason why they are happier.

Happiness is a very simple concept. We are all born eternally happy. There can be no creation without happiness. All that we have to do is, be our original selves, unlearn the faulty learning and re-learn the methods on how to be happy. Almost all the religions, great leaders, great preachings and ancient scriptures are nothing but ways to find happiness. So much, with so vivid and clear turns has been laid out on how to be happy that a simple understanding and following of the wise saying can change our lives. With the growing illusion that is ‘Maya’ we all have knowingly and unknowingly distanced ourselves from this knowledge that is so universal, so prominent and so vivid.

In spite of the fact that the entire pursuit of mankind is happiness, we all must ask ourselves how much time do we give to understand what does it takes to be really happy. Have we gone beyond reading some quotes? Have we read books on happiness? How many of us know that in a recent poll conducted by BBC - relationships constitute 47%, health 24%, success, money and job 7%, house 8%, community and friends 5% and spiritual life 6% of our happiness? Since the goal of entire mankind without question is happiness, are our efforts directed to the relationships, health and spirituality as above? Are we not only engaged in 7% of the constituents of happiness - that in success, money and job? By overstressing on one constituent, are we not starving the other constituents? Even if we have achieved success and money, what we so much desire, will it be able to compensate the relationships and health that have deteriorated beyond repair? So we want success and money only for the sake of it? Can success and money guarantee happiness? If we neglect our health and even achieve the desired success, will we be able to enjoy the benefits of success? ……. These are some of the questions which we have to pose to ourselves.

Not much work has been done on happiness as a single subject. We have thousands of books on nearly every subject that we can think of but we do not yet possess a world repository of happiness. The world is so rich with religious sayings, ancient scriptures, teachings of great leaders, country wisdom, fables, tales and so on. The time has come when everyone of us should participate in creating a world repository by sharing his or her knowledge, experiences, teachings, tables and contributions for a world repository to be made, what has been said has to be felt, internalized, experienced. The greatest preachers are of no use to us unless we can feel, experience and share them.

We may write volumes and volumes on happiness but it is of no use unless and until it is not experienced and felt by each one of us. That requires participation, engaging the world in the act of happiness. That is the way that we aspire to engage the entire world community in the act of happiness, talking about happiness, feeling it, giving it and engaging themselves in the act of happiness.

Let us close our eyes, take three deep breaths. Let us ask ourselves on which part of the circle do we dwell on? What we want or what we don’t want? Lets only focus. Lets live only on that part what we want. Let us feel that we can add our experiences, our knowledge, feelings, country wisdom and anything that we know. Let us ask to the world community for anything that we want to know about happiness. Let’s engage!

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