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We put a lot of effort to gain happiness, sometimes not realizing what happiness can do for us. Ever wondered how happiness can serve us? Go through some of the fruits of happiness –

1. Performance

Happiness plays a major role in enhancing performance. We perform better and faster when we are happy and content.

2. Longevity

Studies have shown that staying happy increases the average life span. Mournful people tend to fall sick often and thus have a shorter life.

3. Immunity

Happiness largely contributes to our immunity. It replenishes the body energy system through 'feel good' hormones enabling a stronger fighting ability.

4. Healing

A happy mind fosters quick healing. Essentially, a good mood deviates your attention from the pain, leaving the body to work at its full efficiency. It is easy to ignore wounds while playing, than during a road accident.

5. Quality of Sleep

When your mind is calm and relaxed, contented with the day, you sleep better. Compare nights when you slept after fighting with your spouse with the one when you reunited with an old friend before going to bed. You would love to avoid the first situation for sure!

6. Be younger

Staying happy, keeps you young. Studies shows that stress induces early wrinkle formation, while when you are relaxed, calm and composed your body heals faster to daily wear and tear.

7. Celebration

Happiness is the reason behind all the celebrations in our life, however small or big it could be. Even if we do not have any reason, we should celebrate to attract happiness in our lives.

8. Enthusiasm

Happiness increases the energy levels of an individual and eventually the whole society. The atmosphere is lightened up by a simple smile.

9. Patience

It is easy to wait for your doctor to arrive when you are happy, than in a bad mood. You become more patient towards the chaos around you when you are contended. Patience is a gift!

10. Law of Attraction

The more happy and positive you are, the more positivity you will attract. People in general love to associate with those who are happy and have a positive outlook towards life.

11. Improves Health

A happy mind fosters healthier body. You feel like going out for a walk, have good food and meditate to enjoy yourself.

12. Makes Life Meaningful

In the state of happiness, you will realize the higher purpose of your life. Once you realize this purpose, your life will be more meaningful.

In conversation with ‘You’

Given above are some of the positive life changing gifts or results of being happy. Happiness improves our performance, enhances our immunity, longevity, makes us feel younger, makes us more enthusiastic, more vibrant. In short it makes life more meaningful.

Given above are only some of the positive effects of happiness. Happiness will manifest in each an every domain of our lives. Most of us predominantly focus on external conditions like success and money as prerequisites of being happy. Researches have shown that external achievements may or may not bring happiness but being happy will definitely enable to achieve whatever you desire.

The focus therefore should be reversed. Instead of focusing on the external achievements to make us happy, we should focus on being happy for what we are and thereby attracting everything that we so desire. Instead of postponing our happiness to a condition - ‘I will be happy once I achieve…..’, the focus should be on being happy and by being happy the thought automatically shifts to ‘I will achieve ….’. All the money on the planet cannot buy the health, immunity, healing and longevity that the state of happiness gives us for free. On the reverse, not being happy and leading a miserable life can attract the damage that no-one can think about. Such is the importance of happiness in our life.

In order to energize the above fruits of happiness we have to feel and give our thoughts to them. Once we lead a happy life, these and many other fruits of happiness are bound to come into our lives, abundantly, to make our life a lot more meaningful and happier. Being happy, one will achieve the fruits as experiences which may be unique to them. These personal experiences, achievements and creativity will get greatly multiplied when shared with the fellow human beings. Let others benefit from our experiences and let us benefit from the experiences of others. Let’s engage, let's share our experiences for the benefit of others and be benefited in the process. Let’s engage!

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