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Take Possession

Your body consists of around hundred trillion cells. These cells are answerable to no one other than you. You are the commander in chief of these cells. These cells are constantly working for you, you and only you. For them no one else exists, other than you. Take possession and responsibility of these cells, your body and your mind.

Be Yourself

Look at newborn babies; they all had the same level of happiness at the time of birth. This level changes afterwards, as the child grows older and as the ‘sanskaras’ (A Sanskrit word for enculturation) are sown in their nature. Your basic nature is soft, supple, vibrant, full of energy, enthusiasm and love. Never compare yourself with anyone - you are unique. Explore your uniqueness. If you are filled with anger, something wrong has been sown in you. Do not blame your parents, your country, any person and most importantly yourself, for it. Just recognize that it exists and make your own efforts to get rid of it.

Empty Yourself

Now that you have taken an initiative to be happy, just release all the negative thoughts from your body and your mind. Do some stretches to remove toxins from your body. There is nothing negative in this world, our thinking makes it so. Remove anger, hatred, fear, frustration, stress, tension and ego. Know your destination. Imagine your destination. Relax. Leave it to destiny what has not come, it will, if you desire so.

Fill Yourself

So far you have unlearned everything. Now fill yourself with positive energy. Negativity is nothing but the absence of positivity. Fill yourself with love, compassion, hope, kindness, positive feelings, desires and gratitude. Fill Yourself -
1. With goals which according to you shall make you happy - be it success, material riches, spiritual success, abundance, health and so on.
2. With a road map and achieve your goal step by step.
3. Start doing, do not just think. Start, however small or insignificant the step may be.
4. Let the law of attraction, abundance, the subconscious mind, the super consciousness manifest itself. As you sow, so shall you reap. An orange when squeezed will give nothing but orange juice.
5. Train yourself for happiness.
6. Think only about being happy and nothing else.
We are happy or unhappy to the extent of what we have learned. Enrich your learning through reading books, experiences, listening to elderly people, religious teachings and through listening to your soul. Take The Journey of Happiness …

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