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So much to balance between house and work? Your partner is not giving you the attention you deserve. Every discussion ends at argument. Your kids do not listen to you. After all that you do for your teen, they are never happy. Have you ever thought how you can overcome the ‘so many’ issues of your life? If not, think about it, because a solution exists.

Things are never the same once you get married. Your role and responsibilities change all over again as you enter this new dimension of life. Everyone wants you to be the best woman. The journey of being the best woman begins by knowing yourself. Once you know the purpose of your life, it gets easier to make it more meaningful. The first step towards becoming the best is recognizing your own potentials. You need to realize your true self and as you grow, nurture the seeds of happiness in you. Know that you are a “unique creation” of God. No one was, is and will be, like you. Do not waste your time in becoming someone else which you can never be. Develop yourself for what you are. Focus on your physical and mental health. Eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Your happiness begins with your health. You can achieve whatever you wish to only when you have sound health. Prioritize your goals. Make a plan on how you can achieve them. In the entire process do not ignore your family and friends. They are the biggest and strongest support you will ever have in your life. You can share all your joys, sorrows, success and failures with them openly. In a world which is ready to crush you, they will act as your saviors. Women need to learn the skill of managing their emotions. Learn the basics of life and happiness. There are many areas which need to be addressed such as health, self awareness, seeds of happiness, career planning, dealing with personal and social relationships, living in today, attractive appearance and the ways to celebrate.

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