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Often times the reason for all the sorrows, worries and miseries are our thoughts. When these thoughts are unwanted, intense and do not serve any purpose, they become an obstacle for our happy state. Reaching the stage of thoughtlessness is the entire purpose of meditation. Meditation enables us to keep our mind calm. When mind is calm and composed it gives rise to innovative and interesting ideas. The state of mind depends on our thoughts. Good or bad thoughts arise in us according to our moods. The way to remove negative thoughts or all the thoughts is by addressing them, accepting them and letting them go with a sense of gratitude. Once we recognize the hollow and empty state of our mind, we can refocus our entire energy to positive efforts. This is the stage where we realize that there are no more problems - the stage of thoughtlessness.

We should remember that thoughts are not always our enemies, they are our friends too. Thoughts represent our state of mind. They are like internal alarms which reminds us about important things in life. Although, too much thinking is also detrimental. If you happen to end up with chaos in your mind, sit back, close your eyes, take few deep breaths and let go all that is going on. Fill yourself with love, gratitude, compassion and peace. Relax till you reach the stage of thoughtlessness. With a calm mind now – fight back!

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