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Life is very simple and peaceful when you do not have to finish targets, mend broken relationships, take care of your illness or manage guests on working days. Things take a turn when you work with deadlines. Why? Because you start taking life very seriously. Take life lightly to be more efficient, creative, stress free and most importantly to be happy.

How to make life simple and easy?

1. Take the first step. Resolve to live stress-free.
2. Make your body and mind fit, so that you can achieve your goals in a simple and easy manner.
3. Think about what is important for you.
4. Accept your challenges with the right attitude.
5. Enjoy each and every task.
6. Make efforts to remove unnecessary stress from your life.
7. Enjoy each and every moment.
8. Make your life positive.
9. Take care of your mind, body and soul.
10. Do some exercise everyday.
11. Take proper sleep.
12. Take proper meal, which is important for your nourishment.
13. Involve yourself in your favorite hobby, like sports, music, dancing or singing.
14. Improve your physical and mental strength.
15. Change your thinking from negative to positive.
16. Have faith in yourself.
17. Take your own decision and work on that task.
18. Define your own ways towards your goals.
19. If you set your goals, it will help you to achieve your desired destination.
20. Your attitude is reflected by your facial expressions, body language and quality of your thoughts.

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