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Mind is a state where positive or negative thoughts are generated. It indicates a subjective evaluation of what we are.
Stable Mind - A stable mind is a mind which is devoid of stress, is calm and composed. The decisions are taken more efficiently and accurately with a stable mind.
Unstable Mind - An unstable mind is a mind which is filled up with stress and anxiety. It is not calm and relaxed. It cannot take decisions correctly.
Calm Mind - Calm mind is like pure, clear and stable water. It has very clear view for everything. It is filled up with positive energy.
The question is how to calm the mind? With the help of yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and spending some time in silence; we can calm our mind.
Our mind entirely depends on our thoughts. It is the nature of mind to generate positive and negative thoughts. It depends upon us how to create and nourish these thoughts in our mind. We can create positive thoughts by being in the positive environment, by reading good books, watching good movies and thinking about good memories.



For achieving wealth, success, and happiness and to experience it, a healthy body is needed. We can think or plan for our happiness but without a healthy body we cannot achieve and enjoy it. Exercise, yoga and proper diet - all these are very important for maintaining our healthy body and for improving it.


A calm mind and healthy body helps us to achieve higher purposes of life. It enables us to explore our potentials and creative ideas. It is easier to generate and implement creative ideas with an aware mind.

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