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Living a life full of enthusiasm, joy and peace is what we all desire. All our endeavors are directed towards one single goal-Happiness. Most of us do not understand this very fact. We seem to be running for our career, wealth, health, house or a better life style; but we are ultimately seeking happiness through them. We need to understand here that happiness is an art to be learned and practiced. We need to take action along these lines, that too, positive efforts. How to do so? Here is a lifestyle that can bring happiness.

1. Start the day being Grateful

Be thankful about the fact that you woke up alright after a good night's sleep. Pay gratitude to the nature that you are alive to celebrate the day ahead.

2. Eat Nutritious Food

Food is the source of energy for your body to function. Nourish your body with nutritious food. After all it's your body where you have to live in.

3. Balance your Food

Take a pledge for eating healthy food. If you happen to end up with junk food, make sure you eat one healthy stuff too, a fruit or a salad.

4. Earn a Hunger Before you Eat

Be sure that you are hungry before you eat something. If not do any physical activity in order to create the need to eat. Do not stuff your body unnecessarily.

5. Move the Body

Pump in oxygen to the cells, move around, go for a walk, to a gym or to a yoga studio. Be active.

6. Mind Matters

The most important aspect of a happy lifestyle is a calm mind. Start practicing meditation and breathing exercises on a daily basis. They help to keep you serene.

7. Nourish your Relationships

Do something new every day to nurture your relationships. They serve the basis for the acts of sharing, caring and purpose in your life.

8. Socialize

Socialization plays a major role in your health and happiness. Make friends beyond your family. They will be your home away from the home.

9. Indulge in Random Acts of Kindness

Earn a smile of a total stranger each day.

10. Give

It is in giving that we receive. If you will give happiness, you will receive it. Quit spilling your negativity around.


Celebrate each and every moment of your life, whether you have a cause or not.

12. Practice Compassion

Be compassionate towards the disparity of life and towards others. Studies show that compassionate people are happier in the long run.

13. Live in Today

The past is gone and the future is yet to come. You cannot modify any of them today. Celebrate the beauty of the present moment.

14. Take the First Step

Take the resolution to make your life better. Everything else starts from here.

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