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It is said that yesterday no more exists and tomorrow has not yet come, so why to worry about past and future? Learn to live in present, because it is today which exists. We should enjoy our present with happiness. Everything which is going on in our life at present, whether it is good or bad, positive or negative, we should accept it and enjoy it because today will not come again in our life.

We all plan and think that we will enjoy without any tension and stress but we do not practice it in our day to day life. We cannot eat tomorrow’s food today, then why do we have to think about future today. Anything that has to happen will happen; we cannot control all of them. So why to live a stressful life. Live in the present to live a stress free life.

We need to encourage our self in whatever situation we are in, whether it is good or bad. We need to appreciate our self even for the small things that we have done. If we focus on giving our best today, our tomorrow will be taken care of. Do not postpone your dreams but practice all your dreams and be happy.

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