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The law of attraction indicates that whatever you think will come back to you. Our thoughts can attract happiness, if our thoughts are positive we will attract positivity and happiness.

The law of attraction is the most powerful law that governs your life. It may be relationships, power, happiness, money, career or anything else. It is already in action for whatever you are. Understanding of how it operates will enable you to achieve anything and everything you have desired for. There is no limitation to its power, the only limitation is your thoughts and your imagination. Let loose your imagination without any boundaries. Recognize yourself. You have the capacity, the ability to achieve all that you have desired. You should not aim for temporary happiness but ‘paramananda’ which means permanent happiness - bliss.

Here are some points to attract happiness in life:
‘What we receive is what we give’ - that is if you give happiness to others you will receive it. If we will care for others, we will receive love.
Be grateful to the almighty for the things he has given you and appreciate your life. If you are grateful you will attract grace.
Believe in yourself. If you have faith in yourself, you will attract the faith of others in you.
Focus on your goal. Your focus will attract the forces that will support your goal.
Think positive. It will attract positive events and people in your life.

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