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Being flexible here refers to being free from all barriers in life. Often we make rules and regulations which bring stiffness in our life. Be formless like water. As water has no specific shape of its own. It takes the shape of the container in which it is poured. In the same way we should make ourselves adjustable according to the situation. • Eliminate rigidness from life by removing ego. Being soft and polite makes us calm and remove harshness.
• Be flexible in everything you do. Every person has to go through ups and downs in life and thus everyone should have the capability to deal with the circumstances.
• We should not be scared of hurdles or obstacles in any given situation rather we should focus on finding solution to it.
• Flexibility in life comes with the flexibility in thoughts. We should be open to new thoughts and ideas. We can think from a different point of view with an open mind.
• Acting flexible in life brings out positivity. Controlling everything will lead our life to stiffness.
• Being flexible means going with the flow. We need not to stress our mind. Positive thoughts in mind enable us to deal with the circumstances with ease and flexibility.
• Living with flexibility will encourage you to live life to its fullest. Keep yourself free from all the barriers and break your own rules and regulations which act as a hurdle in living life freely.

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