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Happiness and peace are mutual progenitors. One gives rise to another and the absence of one takes away another. When our mind is relaxed, devoid of any stress or negative feelings, then we are in the state of peace within. Peace is nothing but coming to an agreement between what we desire and what we have. A peaceful individual is in perfect harmony with life. It is nothing that we need to cultivate, it is inherent. It just gets distorted in run of life. Day to day struggles diminishes the inner peace and puts on a layer of chaos. When we take time for ourselves and sit in solitude, we can easily get rid of that layer. The benefits of a peaceful mind are needless to mention. In the bigger picture, a peaceful person will be the one who will create a peaceful and happy world.
Let's make peace!

Importance of Peace

The world will be a better place to live with peace.
We need to create and culture peace today, to give a better environment to coming generation tomorrow.
So that we can live in harmony with each other.
A country cannot function smoothly without peace.
Peace is the foundation of every education and value system.
Peace brings a sense of security.
You need to be at peace to enjoy the materials of the world.

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