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The most desired and discussed topic, but is still not well understood. Millions of writings have attempted to define it since ages, not just the love but love in different forms. German physician Richard identifies five different types of love as true love, seminal love, platonic love, friendship and sensual love. Whereas Psychologist Albert Ellis differentiates them as conjugal love, parental love, familial love, religious love, love of humanity, love of animals, love of things, self love, sexual love, obsessive - compulsive love and so on.
Another major field of study is the elements of love. Psychologist Zick Rubin identifies three major elements of love:
Attachment - It is the need to receive care, approval and physical contact of the other person.
Caring - It involves respecting the other person's needs and happiness as your own.
Intimacy - It is sharing thoughts, desires and feelings with the other person.
We often get confused in defining them. However love may be defined though, what matters to us is the essence of love which is beautifully defined by George Sand - "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved." Love is the fuel, the driving force of the entire humanity. It is the source of joy and the solution to grief. It is something we all desire for knowingly or unknowingly. Now this entirely depends on us how we perceive and produce it for the higher purpose of spreading happiness around.
Here we wish to engage each one of you in creating the wave of love and happiness through mutual interactions. We believe that mere interaction on love starts its generation.

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