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We all plan a lot, but we often do not act on our plans. We all want to do much more for our self, our family and the world. One of the components of our plans is making the world a better place to live in. Today the world is not perfect, but if we want to enjoy each and every moment then we should do something special every day. We should help to create better world for the future.

In conversation with ‘You’

You are in today is always that you exists in. So whatever you have to do today. It is today that you have resolve to take the first step in our previous section and it is today that you will be doing something for yourself in terms of improving your own health, in terms of improving your relationship, in terms of improving your finances achieving success abundances etc and etc. Go on thinking, go on adding but this adding should not be like day dreaming or virtual you have to do something concert about it and that concert resolution. Think in your family, your society, country, social cause and for world in general. It is when we start engaging our self in happiness by doing something by giving happiness to others that we receive happiness.

The only day to begin is today and every day that we begin is nothing but the step one of doing something for that day.

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