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Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word 'Yuj' which means to unite. In its core essence, yoga means bringing our mind and body in the state of harmony with the super consciousness. The immediate goals of yoga are achieving a healthy body and mind, while the higher purpose is self realization.

The good thing about this simple process of self-realization is that it is accessible to every individual. Anyone of us can adopt yoga in our daily life to keep our body fit and relax our mind. Yoga includes a combination of different postures or poses, called 'asanas', which increases flexibility and rhythm in the body. It further helps to achieve stability of mind through meditation and breathing exercises called 'pranayama'.

Importance of Yoga

1. Physical Level - Yoga poses when practiced properly, increases flexibility, balance and muscle tone. It helps to tone our body and increase the circulation of blood. This is in turn relieves pain, stiffness and spasm. Yoga poses are beneficial in the recovery from many diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, cancer and many more. Practicing yoga in the morning for few minutes keeps you refreshed the whole day.

2. Mental Level - Breathing exercises and meditation practices helps to remove the clutter from the mind. It makes the mind calm and relaxed, free from all the thoughts and worries. It enables you to focus on the peace and happiness within. It serves to enhance your memory and concentration.

3. Spiritual Level - Often known as the higher purpose of Yoga – self realization is the key feature of yogic practices. When your mind and body are in harmony with each other you get to meet with your true self which is the source of all the knowledge and happiness in the world. You just have to keep doing your practices regularly.

Yoga is an ancient Indian science of achieving perfect harmony of mind, body and spirit. Yoga has been found, practiced, tested and discovered thousands of years ago by Patanjali. It is a process that involves few simple steps to make it easier for the common man to follow. These steps are:

  1. Cleansing the body (intestines and nostrils) preparing it for exercise.
  2. Bodily postures, after each of which, there is rest.
  3. Meditation and Pranayama (controlled breathing) for the mind.

Yoga is no longer an unknown science. It is no wonder that millions of people worldwide have started practicing yoga. Yoga has been there as one step for the cure of all ailments such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, diabetes, hypertension and so forth. It can also aid to be more energetic and lead a happier and peaceful life. Some of the key features of yoga are –

  1. Yoga requires flexibility of the body and promotes gradual flexibility with reference to one’s own capacity.
  2. There is no ideal stage to be reached immediately. Though there is an ideal stage to be reached with time but yoga is more about taking first step on the path. It is not about focusing only on perfection.
  3. After yoga pose there is Shavasana (corpse pose) that is relaxation. It keeps the yogi or the practitioner in the same stage of breath and energy level in which he started it.
  4. Yoga is about complete detoxification.
  5. Yoga means addition. If properly practiced, every yoga posture furthers the proper development of other.
  6. Though there are specific yoga postures for certain diseases or ailments but yoga is a holistic science and a cure for all diseases.
  7. Yoga reduces stress. Promotes a sense of wellbeing, contentment and sound sleep.
  8. Yoga is known to have positive effects on immunity, healing and ageing.

The art of yoga is very well known and most of the practitioners must have already known about it. Lucky are they who have started it. Those who have not, they are luckier because they are going to start one of the best events of their life. Don’t miss this opportunity. Don’t procrastinate, do it today, do it right now. Make a resolution; post your resolution, search for a yoga center near your locality, go for an online yoga course, look for some yoga postures on our website and yoga programs that are coming up. Do whatever you like but don’t miss this great opportunity of gifting yourself, which by default will be the best gift that you have ever gifted yourself.

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Basic Postures

Yoga poses are essentially divided into four major categories depending on the starting posture:

Basic Postures

Yoga poses are essentially divided into four major categories depending on the starting posture:

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