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We all think and plan but it is important to take the first step. Happiness is an art; it is all about taking the first step for any action. Starting anything is crucial; rest is taken care of along the way. Start with yourself, start with things that matter the most for you. As it is known – ‘Well begun is half done’

First step for Body

Our health is the most important factor in our life. Due to our busy schedule we are unable to take care of our health. Take the first step to improve your body. Do exercises regularly and take a balanced diet to keep your body fit and healthy. Consult a good dietician.

First step for Mind

Reserve some time in your daily routine for yoga and meditation so that you can calm your mind. Take the first step to learn the meditative techniques. Do not overstress yourself take out some time to relax.

First step for Relationship

Take the first step to improve your relationship, understand each other, and greet each other. Be the first to apologize and forgive too. Enrich your relationship leaving aside your ego.

First step for Love

Take the first step to express your faith, trust and understanding in your love relationship. Regardless of where you are and how the relation is turning out to be, express your love and care for your partner.

Almost all the religious scriptures, scientific findings and philosophical thoughts are towards one end and that is happiness. There is no dearth of knowledge on the subject matter of happiness. We have tried to put together the different aspects and ingredients of happiness under one roof and hence this book.

We shall be chiefly concentrating on relationships, health, success, money, social improvement, living in today and celebrating life today. For these ideas to work for you, no amount of good writing or good presentation is going to help you; unless and until you master the art yourself. It is you who have to take the first step and taking this step is probably the most important step in your life.

Do not worry; the first step need not disturb you. A mere resolution to be happier, to do something for your own happiness, to improve your health, relationships, is enough. And this resolution itself is the first step. Once you have properly resolved and you take our meditational courses, your mind will automatically guide you to take the necessary steps in all the areas of your existence.

Regarding health, it is not possible to start the exercises, yogasana, pranayama or meditation immediately. Though with as small as three days of resolution of keeping themselves healthier, it has been found that people have started to be more conscious of their food, and have resolved to walk.

So in order to make the entire concept of happiness work for you, you have to bring them to your own experiential level and for that you have to take the first step. Go on making a mental image of the areas of your life that determine your happiness and go on taking the first step in each of the areas so as to increase your happiness. Do not worry about the efficacy of the steps, mere resolution will do. It’s time to engage. It’s time for you to take your first step regarding your health, your body, your mind, your relationships, job, success, money and so on. Close your eyes make a picture, write them in your diary or in the ‘Share Your Happiness’ section below. This will create a profit of resolution you have made. Once we train our self to take the first step we will automatically learn to live in the present and won’t procrastinate the good things in life. Inviting all bad thoughts and insecurities is by far one of the major reasons of miseries of mankind. So take the first step, take it today, take it now!

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