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Music therapy includes a process where therapist uses all kinds of music and all of its facets like physical, emotional, mental, social, and aesthetic and spiritual which helps to improve or to maintain health. In some of the cases client’s needs are accessed through music. Music therapy is used to address physical, emotional, social and cognitive needs of individuals. After accessing the strengths and needs of each client music therapist provides indicated treatment which includes creating, singing, moving to and listening to music.

Uses of Music Therapy

  1. Music therapy utilizes many senses at the same time to increase the learning experience hearing, seeing and feeling.

  2. Music therapy is most appropriate for clients who need to develop sensory motor skills, learn adaptive behavior or work cooperatively towards common goals.

  3. Playing instruments help disabled children to develop auditory- motor or visual motor integration. Music instruments help physically challenged individuals to better understand the world of objects.

  4. Music listening are useful for clients who need to be activated or soothed physically, emotionally, intellectually or spiritually as these kinds of responses that music listening clients.

  5. Hospitalized people find music listening helpful in relaxing, reducing stress, managing pain and regulating body functions such as heart rate, breathing.

Indications –

  1. Music therapy is beneficial for child with autism as music helps in social interaction through the use of music as a form of communication.

  2. Music therapy is useful for person with depression other mental health concerns as music leads to long term positive mood change and improves self-expression through song writing.

  3. Person with dementia that is loss of memory can recall lost or misplaced memory through music interaction.

Music therapy increases quality of life, provide pain management, alternative spiritual suffering and promote relaxation.

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