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Relationships are an integral means towards happiness. A relationship is about giving love. It is all about unconditional love. To maintain and enhance relationships it is important to know the basics.

Learn to Cultivate

Confession, Respect, Giving, Forgiveness, Kindness

Learn to Remove

Hatred, Ego, Hurt, Criticism, Self Contentment, Anger

Learn to Build

1. The foundation of a good relationship is, not to have expectations
2. Give freely and unconditionally. It will only strengthen the bond.
3. What we have inside, is what we create outside. The foundation of good relationships therefore already exists in us.
4. Relationships are based on love and trust. All of us needs relations which fulfill our lives.
5. Know that it is important to have a companion with whom we can share our joys or sorrow.
6. A relationship is about giving time and taking responsibility towards your companion.
7. Relationships are meant to spread happiness. Keep communicating.
8. Conflicts should be sorted out as soon as possible. It prevents negative influences.
9. Always keep faith in your companion it makes your relations stronger.
10. Loving yourself is important to keep your relationship happy.

Good relationships are one of the most neglected but one of the most important inferences of happiness. Good relationships improve one’s health and happiness.  Besides being a source of continuous joy for a person, they are also the biggest cushion in difficult times. People with good relationships are healthier, less vulnerable and more content.

The basic foundation of good relationship is you yourself. When you are happy you see the world with a different perspective.

Most of the people having strained relationships should know that the outward manifestation of strained relationships is nothing but the turmoil, disharmony, anxiety, stress, insecurity and guilt rooted deep inside them. So the solution lies not in the external world but the solution lies deep within.

If we practice yoga and meditation, there will be deep rooted cleansing on the mind from all the turmoil that is a cause of our miseries. We should know that a strained relationship will not come in isolation. It will come with a whole lot of problems related to health, job, social adjustment, stress, anxiety, insomnia and so on.

All relationship issues are relative; where one person complains about the other person. No one really finds out the time to introspect and feel for themselves whether the cause is external or internal. The cause is always internal and hence the solution also has to be internal.

Practice yoga and meditation and practice these simple tips. Your life will change for better:

  1. Stop complaining - Know more about areas that hurt you.
  2. See for the common areas - There will be common area where both of you will concentrate on them.
  3. Start concentrating on good areas of the other, even if it is difficult. Just find at least one reason that the other person is good at and just have a word of praise for that. Take the initiative and you will be surprised to receive back the same.
  4. Make a list of the good points, strengths of your partner and tell him or her how good he/she is at them. Concentrate only on good points. Starve the areas of disagreement or areas which you don’t like, just postpone them.
  5. Take out one area where you would like your spouse to behave in the manner you want and establish how important it is for you. When you do this make sure, without asking, to accommodate an area of the choice of your partner.

You will soon find that life will change and you will be concentrating more on areas of mutual liking. New life of co-existence will be bigger. A new journey will begin and a good relationship is all about taking the journey together.

The above will work for you only when you start and for starting you have to take the step one. You have to do something today to make yourself better and make yourself a happier person.

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