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Journey towards Health

Factors contributing towards good health are-

1. Good Food - Food is an important determinant of health. It contributes towards nutrition and alleviating mood.
2. Healthy Body - Body is the vehicle through which we take the journey of life. Body is the only place we have to live in. It is important to provide proper and adequate nutrition to the body along with regular physical activity.
3. Sound Mind – Healthy mind is the driver of a healthy body. Our mind controls our physical and emotional well being. It is important to keep our mind calm and relaxed through meditation practices and breathing exercises.
4. Healthy Life Style – Staying healthy is a habit which needs to be incorporated into our lifestyle. It is important to plan our routine in a way that involves healthy eating and physical activities.
5. Sound Sleep – Resting our body is as equally important as keeping it active. Our body and mind perform better when we sleep well.

Socialization and Health

Socialization plays a vital role in our wellness. People who interact more with others, have a family and a group of friends; tend to be healthier than others. Studies show that antisocial people have a higher average blood pressure as compared to people who socialize. Loneliness can affect your health adversely. Having a group of like minded people, will facilitate your health promoting activities. You can form a health group which goes out for jogging, gym or invent new healthy recipes with you. We often neglect the importance of socialization as we grow old but this is not correct. Being connected with friends and engaging in some activities makes our mind cognitively strong, relieves worry and stress.

Importance of Healthy State

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.
It is important to be healthy to perform better.
A healthy body enhances personality by adding charm to it.
A healthy person is an asset to himself, to his family and to the society.

Wellness Living

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Special Health Needs

Women’s Health – Women have to suffer from many health problems which are specific to them like depression, migraine, menstrual issues, pregnancy related and obesity. They need to be addressed in a manner which is specifically designed for them.
Child’s Health – Children are very sensitive as their immune system is still developing. However it is important to focus on a child’s health. A healthy child grows physically and mentally faster and stronger. Children should be provided with nutritional food and encouraged for sports and other physical activities. Child’s regular checkups are necessary to maintain good health.

In our section, means of happiness, we have discussed the various factors that influence happiness. Health constitutes around 24% of these factors. No doubt health is a necessary asset for happiness. Good health, promotes happiness and happiness promotes good health. Both reinforce each other. Studies have shown that staying happy increases the average life span. Mournful people tend to fall sick often and thus have a shorter life. Happiness largely contributes to our immunity too. It replenishes the body energy system through ‘feel good’ hormones enabling a stronger fighting ability. Happiness also aids in the healing process of body. A happy mind fosters quick healing. Studies show that, stress induces early wrinkle formation, while when you are relaxed, calm and composed your body heals faster to daily wear and tear.  Essentially, a good mood deviates the attention from pain, leaving the body to work at its full efficiency. When the mind is calm and relaxed, contented with the day, the quality of sleep improves. A proper health will automatically remove from us the problems that more than 50% of population is facing; e.g. stress, worry, feeling of unimportance, self guilt and so on. A healthy mind will not allow so many problems to propel.

The achievement of all the material and other success of the world can only be meaningfully enjoyed by a body having sound health. Much has been told about health and ways to achieve good health. There are loads and loads of books on it. Still the health remains by far the largest issue concerning the mankind. Happiness is the ultimate goal of mankind. What a co-incidence! There can be no health without happiness and no happiness without health. We at ‘Science of Global Peace Through Happiness’, in the process of spreading happiness, give the biggest importance to health and hence this detailed section is there. Health here is referred to the health of the body which we cover in our Yoga, Ayurveda and Spa sections and health of the mind which we cover in Pranayama section. A complete health also comes from healthy food and healthy lifestyle.

Well said! Who doesn’t know the importance of health? How to achieve it? Anything is ineffective, if its effectiveness cannot be felt here and now. Just try this – close your eyes, take 10 deep breaths, concentrate only on your breath coming in and going out. All the thoughts, if they are coming, let them come. They are your friends reminding you of an incomplete task. When you learn to meditate you realize that there are two types of thoughts - one is the past and one is the future. All you have to learn is to be in the present.

So is 3 minutes you are grounded, you are relaxed. That is the power and that is the electricity. But it is up to you to make it work for you because for it to work for you, your body has to take the initiative. You are going to achieve the benefits and it is you who will be required to take the steps towards attaining perfect health.

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