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Colors play a vital role in making our life lively. If colors did not exist, our life would have been so boring and unexciting. Colors impact our learning, our behavior and our emotions. Each color affects in its own way and creates a different response.
Blue – It enhances creativity.
Red – It is the color of attraction. It attracts attention, love and positive energy.
Pink – Often known as the color for girls. Pink is the language of love and affection, the color of romance. It calms down the heart beats.
Yellow – Yellow is the color of joy and enthusiasm. Serotonin (happiness hormone) is released as a response to it. Bright yellow on the other hand creates a lot of stress on the eyes.
Black - Black shows significant power and authority. It also represents knowledge. Black is the color of style.
White – White is the sign of peace. It indicates innocence and cleanliness. White color calms your mind and nurtures compassion in you.
Orange - It is the color of positive energy. It helps to remove unnecessary thoughts and enhances strength of mind.
Violet – Violet affects the mind and promotes its creativity. It is the color of freedom, self esteem and strong personality.
Indigo - Indigo is color of infinity. It helps with healing, quality sleep, inner harmony and balances the nature of human beings. It is also the color of forgiveness.
Green - It is the color of nature, the most soothing color for the eyes. It satisfies the mind and brings about the balance.Green is an all time favorite and crucial color for interior designers.

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