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Clothing is one of the most significant parts of our life. Dressing up well gives a very warm and comfortable feeling. We receive compliments from others which generate confidence in ourselves. Studies suggest that women, who are happy and positive, tend to concentrate more on their apparel, beauty and everything that helps them to appear more attractive. Wearing clothes of our choice make us happy, but keep comfort always on your mind. Clothes, especially new clothes or ethnic clothes, can divert our mind from bothering thoughts and bring in positive spirits.

1. Indian Clothing -

Traditional Indian clothing:

Women - Saris, Salwar Kameez, Ghaghra Cholis (Lehengas)

Men - Dhoti, Lungi or Kurta  

2. Spanish Clothing -

Spanish traditional clothing is Flamenco clothes.

3. Scotland Clothing -

The traditional clothing of Scotland -  Highland dress. It is a plaid pattern dress.

Men - kilts

Women - ankle length skirts.

4. Afghanistan Clothing -

The country's traditional clothing usually includes -

Male - a kameez (dress), with a lungee (turban), pakol

Women - a long colorful dress with round skirt.

5. France Clothing -

French traditional clothing is Haute Couture.

6. Switzerland Clothing -

Traditional Swiss clothing is often colorful.

Women - Puffy Blouses and Skirts

Men - Cropped Jackets and Lederhosen

7. Sweden Clothing -

Traditional clothing of Sweden was called Folkdrakt.

Boy’s Folkdrakt resembles men's styles.

Women's traditional clothing consists of bright colors with an apron and a white head covering.

8. Columbia Clothing -

Men - Masculine costume with machetes

Women - La Pollera

9. German Clothing -

Men – Lederhosen

Women – Dirndl with an apron         

10. Pakistan Clothing -

Women - Salwaar Kameez

Men - Shalwar Kameez with Pakistani Waistcoat

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