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I would like to take the opportunity to introduce our organization “Science of Global Peace Through Happiness”. We are a non-profit organization (NPO), which aspires to promote “Happiness” across the globe.

The International Happiness day (March 20th) declared by United Nations and Bhutan, inspires the organization and laid its foundation (13 May 2013). We believe happiness is a science, a way of living, an art and everyone can master this art. If the basic concept of happiness is known to all, in the form of health, relationship, good habits, and the importance of giving, peace shall prevail throughout the globe. Happiness can only be achieved by ‘Giving’. The knowledge from various sectors is assimilated compiled and shared across the Globe, using the latest technology through our website. Our website is a “One Stop Shop” on happiness, which will be accepted wholeheartedly throughout the world.

We have a strong relationship with numerous groups’ eminent persons and patrons across the world. We offer all the services under one roof.

We are capable of providing total IT solutions and customizing happiness according to the requirement of specific industries. For example we are working with “How to reduce the stress level and increase happiness among the IT professionals, the core areas of intervention being health, relationship, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayam, healthy food habits, developing new habits that promote happiness, celebration, living in today, forgiveness and confession”. We are a team of dedicated professionals and the organization is capable to undertake projects and enumerated in the website. We have a work ethics of Giving and pride in introducing this website free of cost to you and your organization and everyone is connected to you, to achieve the ultimate goal of mankind that is Happiness. It is in this unconditional giving that we develop a bond to work together on this subject matter of Happiness.

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