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  1. To bring Happiness all around the world. The ultimate aim of our life is to become happy. Happiness is a Universal common Goal. We will work on this unifying Universal factor.

  2. To facilitate & enhance Global awareness of Happiness through “Knowledge Sharing” across the Globe by generating, acquiring, assimilating & exchanging “knowledge” for a better living.

  3. To build the tendency of Giving among the people According to law of Attraction, we get the same thing, whatever we have given.

  4. To develop and promote the concept of Wellness Living by inclusion of Tour and Travel to Happiness Destinations, Spa, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditations.

  5. To concentrate on promotion, education and opening of centres and giving time for physically challenged persons.

  6. To promote Compassion, kindness, Ethics, Gratitude, Love, Affection, Respect, Empathy in Human Beings, as seeds of Happiness especially among children.

  7. To open and facilitate the opening of counseling centers especially for the Young Generation, who are unable to tackle the stress and anxiety of modern day challenges.

  8. To educate the people the equality, respect and role of Women in the modern world.

  9. To educate the people about Psychosomatic Disorders that are rising at an alarming rate due to rise in dissatisfaction, imbalance between inner desires & outer environment, social & relationship imbalances.


Our endeavor is to -

  1. To connect people globally as we believe that happiness is the universal common goal cutting across all human made boundaries Religion, Regional, Ethnic Language, Caste, Sex and Age.

  2. To provide help to all our members. The Help may not necessarily be in the form of Physical and Financial help, it can be in the form of sharing our problem, emotional insurance, social security, praying for welfare.

  3. To introduce the techniques, which will help in establishing harmony between our Internal and External environments.

  4. To make people realize and teach them what is the Real Purpose of life, to suggest means, to combine Passion with Work so that besides earning a ‘Living’ along with it, earn a ‘Life’ for themselves.

  5. To promote and carry on the activities that will spread knowledge and awareness regarding happiness through modern technologies by establishing websites, Facebook applications, mobile phone applications, other technological innovations and their related applications, across the globe.

  6. To promote and spread the knowledge and awareness by conducting events, workshops, seminars, symposiums, university debates, regular city courses and special courses on happiness and self development, across the globe. We also aim to develop study material for moral education in children and positive psychology in adults.

  7. To establish and promote health and happiness centres, fostering healthy body and healthy mind, through yoga, exercise, meditation and breathing techniques, across the globe. We will operate and conduct awareness camps for hypertension, diabetes, heart ailments, cancer and many more diseases.

  8. To establish and promote education and rehabilitation centers especially for the physically challenged, needy, underprivileged, poor, homeless and people with special needs, across the globe.

  9. To establish and promote centres promoting education on basic values from ancient texts as well as public interactions and experiences.

  10. To encourage people to form Groups, Associations, Circles to choose an activity that excites and unites them to participate in celebration and in the act of Giving Happiness.

  11. To help the people to differentiate between Virtual and Real problems.

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