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“Science of Global Peace through Happiness” is a non-profit organization registered in India under section 25 of the Indian company’s act 1956. “Science of Global Peace Through Happiness” is founded in 13th May 2013. We are working on this universal principle of finding ways to keep entire mankind happy. That is why the word “Global” appears in the name of our organization. Since to achieve happiness we follow all the scientific methods and treat it as an art that can be practiced, we use the term “Science”. We have a vision that once happiness is spread globally, people will be more compassionate, will love their fellow brethren, and will have empathy and gratitude. This will bring lasting peace across the globe. Hence the use of the word “Peace”. One of our purposes is to create a world repository of knowledge on happiness by collecting views of science, popular world practices, religions and public interactions. The assimilated knowledge from various sectors are compiled, using the latest technology and is shared through our website www.happinessforyou.org . We believe our website is one of the most comprehensive resources available online to the global community. We wish to engage the entire world in the act of happiness, peace, giving and sharing on one platform.

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